Terms of Use

By using Emotional Fitness Coaching, you are certifying that you are 18 year of age or older and are expressly consenting to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with state and federal laws that govern confidentiality, as well as in accordance with HIPAA privacy laws. In this disclaimer, the term “Client” is used to describe the individual that visits the Coaching portal or using the Coaching app and voluntarily enters information and utilizes the services provided by the Coaches. You are also acknowledging that the laws for the state in which you reside may limit or prevent you from accessing these services directly. In such an event, your Coach will help you find alternative resources to provide the appropriate level of care.

All Coaches are licensed mental health professionals who have a master’s or doctorate degree in psychology or a related counseling field. Each Coach is trained in providing therapy, has had training specific to providing distance counseling, and has experience in the delivery of behavioral health services. 

You also acknowledge that not all concerns are appropriate for Coaching. Stress, lifestyle change, relationship issues, situational depression, worry and grief/loss issues are examples of some concerns that may be appropriate for Coaching. Individuals with severe alcohol or substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, severe depression or with other more severe or acute mental health conditions should be assessed telephonically or in person. CuraLinc Healthcare maintains best practice standards, and Coaches reserve the right to refer you to more appropriate levels of treatment at any time if Coaching cannot clinically address your needs.

The information you provide is kept confidential in compliance with the most restrictive applicable local, state or federal laws. CuraLinc Healthcare takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to ensure the information you provide is accessible only to authorized CuraLinc Healthcare employees. All offline material is kept in a secure database that only authorized CuraLinc Healthcare employees may access. CuraLinc Healthcare will not release your information to any third party unless you have submitted written authorization for such disclosure signed by you, and if necessary, notarized. 


Confidentiality will not be upheld if any of the following circumstances occur:

– There is an imminent risk of death or injury to yourself such as in the case of suicide;

– There is an imminent risk of death or injury to a specific person such as in the case of homicide;

– There is concern about the safety and welfare of any children, disabled person, or elderly persons;

– Information may be disclosed under direct court ordered subpoena, and/or with legal counsel in regards to the above.


In the event of an emergency, or the need of immediate services, you are strongly encouraged to contact your local emergency services or call 911.


CuraLinc Healthcare takes every reasonable technical, physical and administrative precaution necessary to ensure that services provided over the internet are done in a safe and secure manner. The latest encryption software, such as SSL, is utilized to maintain this security and privacy. Passwords are also employed to verify the identity of returning clients requesting services. CuraLinc Healthcare cannot guarantee the security and privacy of the computer or device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) used by the client and/or the environment in which they chose to participate in Coaching. CuraLinc Healthcare encourages clients to use the latest antivirus and firewall software, and to use this service in a safe and private location. You are also strongly encouraged to enable and use the passcode feature for an additional layer of privacy on the mobile app.  


You have the right to terminate Coaching at any time without fear of repercussions. Your information will continue to remain confidential and will be stored in accordance with the most restrictive local, state, or federal laws. In the event that other accommodations are required that extend beyond what CuraLinc is able to reasonably provide, CuraLinc reserves the right to refer you to an appropriate mental health provider in your area who is able to provide services at the same level.


If you have any questions about the security or privacy of Emotional Fitness Coaching, you may contact the Privacy Contact at CuraLinc Healthcare, 314 W. Superior Street, Suite 601, Chicago, IL, 60654, 800-490-1585. 


CuraLinc Healthcare reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time.